Spirit of the house

Villa Clarisse & Spa: an intimate cocoon in the heart of Saint-Martin-de Ré 

First Once in a Lifetime member, located in the heart of Saint-Martin de Ré, in the maze of the island’s typical alleyways, the Villa Clarisse & Spa provides a unique experience immersed in a strong alchemy of history and heritage. It offers 9 rooms and suites with refined decoration, both chic and contemporary. In 2011, this beautiful house, typical of the island, convinced Olivia le Calvez with its charm and authenticity. The hostess then carefully orchestrated a refined and elegant decoration, signed by architect Pierre-Yves Rochon, the embodiment of excellence in the luxury hotel industry. Now an intimate place that respects the soul of the island of Ré, the Villa invites you to an art of living that promotes well-being for an in-depth rejuvenation, in the middle of an unspoiled iodised nature. Open the door and let yourself be carried away in an eternal break within this haven of peace, which cultivates a taste for secrecy and discretion.

A property of character steeped in history

Some places remain intrinsically linked to history. The Villa Clarisse & Spa, a former 18th century private mansion, is the birthplace of an emblematic figure, General Ferdinand Auguste Lapasset, born in July 1817, hero of the French army of the 19th century and decorated of the Legion of Honour. Staying in this house also means immersing yourself in the history of the island.

The art of tailor-making for the client’s well-being

Here, the customer is above all a guest and this art of personalisation is embodied in tailor-made services, intended to meet all your expectations. As soon as you arrive, our butler welcomes you and takes care of your luggage. Throughout your stay, he ensures that you do not miss anything, responds to your requests and questions to make your stay perfect.

Our exclusive and innovative Honesty Bar service also invites you to live a confidential moment, offering you the luxury of feeling at home. Here, the mixologist is you! Open every day, it allows you to enjoy a warm and privileged moment. The signature of the Villa Clarisse & Spa is there, fully condensed in this desire to satisfy its customers and provide them with happiness by being attentive to their needs.

An architecture proper to the island of Ré 

The Villa Clarisse & Spa shapes its identity through its specific architecture, emblematic of the traditional houses of the island of Ré designed in length and offering confidential nooks and crannies. This little gem belongs to the heritage landscape of the island, through its former cloister opening onto the garden, an authentic green setting and conducive to romantic strolls and idleness among the palm trees, fig trees and laurels behind which appears the church steeple. A subtle blend of contemporary spirit and tradition, the Villa Clarisse & Spa pays tribute to the purity of "Ré la Blanche".